Chapter 2


Bayn walked down crowded streets his eyes searching the crowd. He was up all night scouting, The Divide, which was just a silly name for a wall the separates the great city of Euphoria from the broken shambled town known as The Pit.

The Pit, yeah that name fit this place Bayn called home. ‘The Pit’ such a great name for a place to call home. A place full of hungry people because food didn’t like to grow here. It was dark because the Divide blocked out away light that shone in the morning the only light that reached down here was light they made themselves. Sometimes around noon the sun shone above them and for a brief few seconds you could feel the heat on your face but it was brief and soon enough the cold darkness would surround you.

This was because apparently the only ones who deserved the light were the ones who signed away their soul for false happiness. The citizens of Euphoria, ‘the perfect people’ the one who horde the good for themselves and leave them in The Pit…

He sighed this is how things are and will always be.

He recognized a familiar mop of blonde hair in front of Miss. Jessika’s Bake Shop. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed who his brother was with. Of course a girl is the reason he waited for his brother who never appeared.

“Jaemi!” Bayn yelled.

“What’s got your panties in a twist this time?”

“You were supposed to go scout last night with me. So I waited for you for three hours but you never showed up.” Bayn ran his hand through his hair in frustration. Jaemi just stood there smirking at the brunette he is trying to impress.

The girl smiled sweetly at Bayn like you would to a child. Bayn narrowed his eyes. He  hated that. It always happened too. He was forever treated like a child he was 18 for god sake. Why did everyone insist on treating him like this.

“I don’t know what you are talking about little Bay. Alyx was supposed to go with you, not me.” Bayn knew for a fact it was Jaemi who was supposed to be his lookout last night.

“Well thanks to ‘whoever’ I almost got caught. Then you would have to explain why I won’t be coming home anymore.” He huffed walking away, talking to Jaemi was like trying to talk to a brick wall; completely pointless and crazy. His brother didn’t even seem a little fazed by his words. Why would he care if his useless little brother was caught?

His stomach lurched when he saw what time it was. He was going to be late for school. Again. He broke into a run and barreled down the street to his home. As he got closer to his place he slowed his pace and stepped cautiously.

The last  thing he needed right now was to get caught  by his mother. He went over to the side of the house and grabbed his school bag from behind the wood stack where he hid it and turned and ran towards the school house.

He made it to the school in no time at all and saw some kids still loitering outside. Good he made it on time.

He approaches the school and one of the students whose hair spiked in every direction with a patch dyed red notices with and smiles. He says something to the group he was talking to and laughs before making his way to Bayn.

“I thought you’d be a no show again.” Jymmi laughed.

“Nah, I thought about it but changed my mind because I needed to see your ugly face again.”

Jymmi feigns offense. “Don’t lie to me, you know I’m the prettiest thing you will ever get to touch.” He twirls a piece of his hair with his finger and bats his eyes exaggeratedly.

He laughed at his friend giving him a friendly shove. Jymmi smiled and hooked their arms together dragging him into the building.

He laughed again and let himself be dragged…..

“Bayn…” He looked over at Jymmi his voice had sounded very womanly just a moment ago.

“Yeah?” He replied which earned him a strange look.


“You said my name.”

“No. I didn’t. You losing your mind bud?” Jymmi gave his friend a concerned look before sitting at his desk.

“Bayn.. wake up.” This time he knew it wasn’t his friend who said his name since he was looking right at him and his lips didn’t move… What was going on? Maybe he really was losing his mind.

Whatever he needed to forget that for now because any second Alyssa would get here and the last thing he needed was her to think he was crazy. Nothing would get him shot down faster.

“Enough of this. Wake him.”

What the hell? Who was talking? Why did they want him awake since it is pretty obvious he was already wide awake. Then again, if you start hearing voices that nobody else does and you try to make logic of them you might be a little off your rocker…

He laughed. He’s crazy aren’t you proud great-grandma. He internally scoffed leave it to the loon of the family to pass her craziness down even after she ended up 4 feet down and decomposing.

He grabbed his pencil and started to fiddle around with it just as Alyssa enters the room. He can’t help smiling. She is so beautiful, smart and deadly… He’s seen what she is capable of doing with a crossbow and damn he stayed up for days after that.

There was a soft clink and he looked down and saw the pencil lying on his desk again. He didn’t remember letting it go. He moves to grab it again but can’t seem to get a hold of it. It’s like his finger don’t want to work.

His finger start to tingle and the feeling slowly intensifies turning into pain and it travels over his body. Until his entire body feels like it is on fire and he is in so much pain that he can’t move. His eyes dart around the classroom desperate for anyone to notice and help him. No one does. They are all chatting happily without a care that one of their fellow classmates is probably dying not even a few feet away.

Someone save him!

He finally manages to scream and his eyes fly open.

Then he notices three things;

First, he was no longer in any pain. It had disappeared the second he was able to scream again.

Second, he was no longer in school. No now he was in a bedroom and an expensive one at that. He was laying in an ornate bed and the sheets were softer then anything he had ever felt in his lifetime. Mom would freak out to be able to sew something from them.. The room itself was huge almost as big as his family’s whole house.

And the luxuries gold trimmed every object and was woven throughout the whole room it sparkled and set the room aglow. This looked somewhere a king, from the stories his mom told him when he was younger, would sleep. People of royalty born of privilege and luxury. People who didn’t know a day’s work and sat lazily eating all day.

Which was the third thing he noticed. The people. There were two; a man standing at the foot of the bed and a lady sitting on the bed beside him. They both looked like they belonged here. Both elegant and beautiful. Every aspect of themselves was flawless and trained. Not a hair out of place nor a crease in their clothes.

“Oh Bayn…” The lady sighed and took the cloth from the nightstand and wiped his forehead. It was like a dream being doted on by a beautiful woman. She moved smoothly with practiced elegance

He looked up entranced by her beauty. Her silver eyes held his captive as she wiped away the trances of the pain. He watched her work without falter returning the cloth to the basin and rinsing before moving back to him. He wanted to reach out and touch her silky white hair the flowed down her back.

But as soon as the idea crossed his mind it was rejected. How dare he think he could? Someone like himself should never think he deserved to touch someone so pure. The thought was aggressive and didn’t feel like his own. But somehow they were… what was happening to him?

“Wh-who are you? How do you know me? And where am I?” He asked as she finished with the cloth and set it aside. She smiled and smoothed his covers and stood.

“Many questions. They will be answered my dear, but for now you are very tired since you have been through much so first you must rest. Then answers, alright?” She said still smiling

“O-okay.” Bayn heard himself reply. She laid a kiss gently on his forehead and left. The man who stood silently through the whole exchange turned to follow her.

“What is going on?” He thought as a sudden wave of drowsiness washed over him. He need rest he was very tired…. very tired….

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