Chapter 1


There used to be a time when the worst thing he had to worry about was whether or not his family would have enough food to last the winter. Sometime meant lying to his little brother that ‘Yes, of course I already ate kiddo, now make sure you eat your fill’. He hated the feeling of an empty stomach but that didn’t even come close to he felt when his little brother asked what was for lunch and he couldn’t answer because he knew there was nothing.

Oh how he wished he could go back to that. But there was no going back his fate was sealed.

Now he had a whole lot more to worry about. Like whether his feet will fail him and he trips in the dark. Or if the moon decides to hide behind a cloud stealing away his only sliver of protection. Or when will he finally be caught.

Or how will he die…

These worries swarmed through his head as his feet trampled through the dead leaves as fast as they could take him. The trees were only a blur in his peripheral vision barely taking note of them other than to avoid one.

“My child, why have you forsaken me?”

The voice startles him causing a foot to get caught by a fallen branch and him crashing towards the earth.

An eerie hush falls on the forest. Nothing makes a sound no creature nor element dares interrupt. His own heartbeat is the loudest sound and how he wishes it too would cease making noise.

He doesn’t even need to look up to know she is coming closer. All the air around him turns stale and the pressure in his chest increasing forcing him to breath it in. His nostrils are met with the smell of decaying flesh and ash. He gags on its a putrid scent wishing to claw away his nose.

“Why have you forsaken me?” It repeats.

“I- I haven’t..” He managed to gasp. But it’s in vain. He should have saved his breath because their is no way he will be able to convince her of his innocence alas he had to try or else his life is forfeited.

“Then why run if you have nothing to hide?”

He curls further into himself willing himself to be anywhere else. Then he feels it the first touches as it slithers across his back it feels like nothing more than a small breath of wind. He knows it’s so much more. And he feels it as every addition tendril is added and starts to encompass his whole body. It covers everywhere but no where. He feels no weight holding him down but it still lock him in place. Taking control.

He opens his eyes for but a moment and regrets it immediately. The Blackness creeps closer into his vision it moves beneath his chin and forces his head upwards. There she stood as beautiful as ever. She stood regal above him her hair softly

There was a time when he compared her hair to the night sky but now it was no more than the charcoal the is all that remained of a house taken by fire. He once saw her as an angel and his saviour but now he sees that she has always been the devil. Her eyes bare down onto him drowning him in their disgust. He screams in agony as her Blackness burrows itself into his head.

“Why did you hide from the one who returned your life? You think so little of my gift that you go against all that I have told and hide like a coward afraid of the hand that helps him.”

“No Mistress I-” The Blackness stifles any pleas by wrapping tighter around his throat.

“Silence! I do not wish to hear foul lips form pathetic excuses that mean no more then the fool who spoke them. You have destroyed the worth you once held and all that is left is flesh and bone. You now are a nameless corpse that is left to rot and all that once knew you will soon forget you.”

His eyes widened in horror and he tried beg for his life but the only noise he could make was a small squeal as all the oxygen left his body. The Blackness seeps in further and he can only watch lay gasping as memory after memory is ripped from him as it seeks for evidence of his betrayal.

The brief few memories of his father. The death of his father. The intense joy of meeting his new brother. All the trouble they later got into. Him leaving school so he could work to help his family. The proud smile of a mother telling him he is a man now. The beautiful brunette who gave him his first kiss. The last few moments of dread before he knew the icy water would be his grave. His mother and brother crying as they bury him. Seeing his Mistress for the first time and being promised a better life. Working hard and signing new contracts. Falling in love. Kaila…

The Blackness seems to get excited at this discovery and focuses on his Kaila. The only protest he can make are the tears streaming down his face.

He sees the first time he saw her at the river. She had scared him and just laughed as he tumbled into the water. Him swearing never sees her again. Then going back to the river the next day. Her telling him about herself and family and him lying about himself and his. Their kiss. The late night meet ups and early morning sneaking. The first time he said he loved her but knew he could never see her again.

“You want to break my rules, and now they are broken!” Her voice echoed through the trees and filled every bit of him with sheer terror.

“I will sent you back to the earth from where I found you.” “But don’t you fear your precious love will not come to any harm since they were not her rules to keep. I will make sure she is well taken care of after your death. She won’t even need to mourn you and be sad. Since she will have no memory that you even existed. Her life will go on as it should have; without you.”

The Blackness released his throat and he gasped for every breath because he did not know when it would be denied to him again.

“Now I must leave, my Other has a son she must mourn. Sleep well.” She smiles sweetly and disappears into the night.

The blackness starts to pull him beneath the earth his hands flail out clawing for anything. There is nothing but he still claws at the ground his fingertips are peeling and raw as the grasp for anything without purchase. The earth swallows his shoulders and still he is dragged further. He screams and screams but they fall on dead ears.

Dirt fills his mouth choking him and filling his lungs. It flooded his vision as well and he closes them in last hope of being saved from this nightmare. The air is gone and he has stopped struggling. He feels helpless as he is dragged further from life. He feels as the Blackness leaves and he stops moving.

It is already too late.. He knows this is how he dies.

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