The Desires


They are known to be the subject of everyone’s desires

Their appearance is stunning

Their scent is addictive

Their attention is in demanding

Their taste is wicked

But their love is cursed…


The world is ruled by death and controlled by one’s desire, and no one in this world has ever escaped.

The laws are simple; when an individual reaches the age of sixteen they are old enough to sign their Contract. The Contract which was made the day of their birth is a written agreement between the Desire and their host, and all that needs to be done to finish the deal is it needs to be signed. Secondly, under no circumstances can The Contract be broken, severed or renegotiated by anyone other than the Desire which wrote The Contract.

One signature is all that is needed to seal their Contract for all of eternity.

This agreement between the two is needed to keep too much power going to their own Desires. Without it they could so easily be controlled by their own desires and the world would fall to chaos. And then all would be lost and nothing would be left.

The Contract states that a ‘gift’ is given for a price. Some prices are fairly reasonable and the price is low, and then there are others where the price is very high. Some merely a favor is owed to their Desire when asked. Others the cost may change their life for the worse without them know.

There are rumors though that the Contract can be broken. By the Contract holder alone can the deal be broken, but that means that one must speak with their Desire.

But finding where their Desire dwells is practically unheard of.

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