Hello There :)


I guess somehow you stumbled upon me. Now let me try to convince you to stay. I used to be a huge day dreamer and I would be stuck in la la land for hours on end in world that I created and existed only for me. Well, one day a great friend of mine finally caved and asked me what I was thinking about.

So I gave her the in depth description of these character and this world that existed in me head and just stared at me for a moment and said I had to write it down. And share it… so I started writing it down… and that’s it. I wrote stories for only myself to enjoy.

I didn’t share my stories because I was embarrassed and didn’t think they were worth sharing.

Years passed and I kept writing. Then something amazing happened after my favorite character in this show I was watching died and it wasn’t the way I thought they’d go and I was soooo disappointed…and that is how I discovered Fan fiction. I read tons of it and then decided to post my own and people loved my writing and my confidence as a writer grew.

So that was that stories  I wrote were out there for people to read and enjoy. But… Those stories were fan fiction it was based on someone else’s creation, not mine. So why not? Why didn’t I have something that was just mine out there? Why did I feel the need to horde all my originals to myself?

So here it is. These are mine and all mine here for YOU to enjoy. Hope you like them.



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