Hello There :)


I guess somehow you stumbled upon me. Now let me try to convince you to stay. I used to be a huge day dreamer and I would be stuck in la la land for hours on end in world that I created and existed only for me. Well, one day a great friend of mine finally caved and asked me what I was thinking about.

So I gave her the in depth description of these character and this world that existed in me head and just stared at me for a moment and said I had to write it down. And share it… so I started writing it down… and that’s it. I wrote stories for only myself to enjoy.

I didn’t share my stories because I was embarrassed and didn’t think they were worth sharing.

Years passed and I kept writing. Then something amazing happened after my favorite character in this show I was watching died and it wasn’t the way I thought they’d go and I was soooo disappointed…and that is how I discovered Fan fiction. I read tons of it and then decided to post my own and people loved my writing and my confidence as a writer grew.

So that was that stories  I wrote were out there for people to read and enjoy. But… Those stories were fan fiction it was based on someone else’s creation, not mine. So why not? Why didn’t I have something that was just mine out there? Why did I feel the need to horde all my originals to myself?

So here it is. These are mine and all mine here for YOU to enjoy. Hope you like them.



Chapter 2


The second chapter of The desires story should be up soon. What will we see this chapter?

Chapter 2 Synopsis

The main character is introduced; Bayn. He has to deal with some new changes to his life and the end everything he was familiar with. Death is the worse it doesn’t wait for you to be ready. He is thrown into this new dream-like world but not everything that is good is as it seems

Hear Me Yet?


People get scared, it is a natural emotion, as natural as smiling, laughing and crying. Except those emotions don’t leave you gasping for air that is no longer there. You can’t run from it because it follows, it crawls under your skin and takes hold of your heart and pull. You can’t escape it, it will consume you and control you until you have nowhere else to go but down.

Now let me tell you a story, it’s of a little girl, sweet as can be. With delicate blonde curls and bright blue eyes she was a perfect porcelain doll. Everyone loved her, and they told her so every day. And she was the pride and joy of her family. But one day she went missing along with a little boy named Josh, from the same town, and was never seen again. And this is where my story begins.

If a girl screams from a window in a crowded neighborhood, does she make a sound? Does she make a sound when she cries for her mommy to save her? Do they hear her scream when the man caresses the cold steel blade against her throat?

Of course they came for her, why wouldn’t they? They loved her, didn’t they? But they didn’t come, they never did. They left her to suffer day after day, night after night until her eyes faded to grey and torture held no pain. Each cut of that steel blade just continued to draw more blood from her barely beating heart. She no longer hates the man with the knife because he can’t hurt her anymore, no is no ache to his blade.

He showed her the truth, that those people who once called her perfect and played with her hair and said over and over how much they loved her. Those people who she once called mom and dad, and sister and brother, they were just imposter and liars. They didn’t love her; they let her cry each day they didn’t hear her screaming. They let the bad man have her and keep her.

The voices tell her the truth, they tell her that the man with the blade helped her, took her from the liars and took away the pain, and now she will never feel it again. Josh is still there with her and he agrees with the voices, they belong here now. But first they need to make them pay for lying to them and letting them suffer.

The man decided to let them go; it was no longer fun since she didn’t scream or react. So he dropped them off at the park and left them alone. She knows where she needs to go, it was finally time to go home.

It was quiet and peaceful; no one was out to see these two children walking down the street in bloody and torn clothes. Not that that they would care or notice if they had been. The house was just as she remembered it, so cozy, so warm. She wasted no time going up and knocking on the door. Soon, soon everything would be right again. Josh squirms impatiently beside, filled with anticipation for what was about to happen.

The door opens and the girl smiles.

“Hi mommy?” And she reaches out to hug her. “Hush mommy, everything is going to be alright?”

With her other arm she reaches back and takes a knife from her back pocket. She hears dull slap as the knife buries itself in her mother’s chest. Her mother looks back at her with pleading eyes telling her to stop, but she doesn’t. Instead she pushes harder burying the knife in deeper twisting it to draw a scream from her mother’s silent mouth. No sound escapes she merely falls to the ground lifeless. No thrill just like the man had said, no she needs to make them scream first. Oh well, at least she has three more tries.

“Daddy?” She calls and makes her way to the other room. He stands in the middle of the room looking at her like she was a stranger, and not like she was his daughter. Her younger siblings are in this room too, all together in one place like a big loving family.

“Mommy’s dead, daddy.”  She whispers. He is about to move when Josh lets out a laugh and tells her to hurry. She does. She rushes forward. Knife meeting flesh again and again and again. Screaming, there is screaming this time. So musical. So beautiful.  

Paralyzed by the same fear she used to feel she gives them the same gift she got. She ends their pain too. Eyes full of fear freeze. Screaming die in silent throat. Flailing arms fall limp and everything is right again. She turns to Josh who watched eagerly, it was his turn now to make things right. Too bad he died on the second day.

And that is my story, sad, sad story they could’ve just shut the door on me.

See, most people are too busy hiding from monsters from behind closed door and never stop and think what if what they are trying to keep out is on the wrong side of that door.

The End